We just finished up our Church Multiplication Cohort. It was a fun journey with churches desiring to multiply DISCIPLES >> LEADERS >> CHURCHES. If you would like a copy of the core content of this course please email Alan@frontlinechurchplanting.com


Relational: Residents each have a ministry coach who is experienced in church leadership in addition to finding a mentor couple. They will be challenged in the in the 4-D ministry approach as they grow in heart, soul, mind and strength. Resident couples will be assessed 7 months into the residency by coaches, leaders and mentors and presented with a growth plan.

Experiential: Residents learn on-the-go as they serve in an established church or a church plant. They get opportunities to attend staff & elder meetings, teach, disciple others & serve in strategic areas they need to grow in. If they have already planted this would happen within their church plant. This gives practical experience for the road ahead.

Formal: Residents go through our monthly Cultivate Learning Track where they are taught by local church practitioners in creative venues. They also receive extra intensives involving cultural engagement, stewardship & pastoral training in addition to our annual MULTIPLY Conference.


This is our 9 month training process on how to plant and sustain a healthy multiplying church. We equip and coach church planters to understand the Colorado context, identify a planting team, live healthy rhythms, embody a missionary posture and create a culture of discipleship. We introduce over 20 tools during the consultancy. Leaders immerse in ministry for these nine months, learn from practitioners and connect with other church planters. This is designed for leaders who are currently planting or are within 24 months of birthing a church.

Steps Toward the Frontline Consultancy

1. Contact the Frontline Director for a “first steps” conversation at Alan(at)Frontlinechurchplanting(dot)com
2. Pray about whether you are called to apply to the Frontline consultancy
3. Complete a written application
4. Schedule a pre-assessment with our leadership team



DWELL is a distance learning track for leaders who have a current or future call to church planting or church revitalization. DWELL prepares leaders across the country through relational and formal learning by coaching online or in person, connection with other planters, monthly video content and reading. Each month DWELL covers one crucial concept and includes an online hangout with the other leaders and coaching. Learning pods will not exceed 4 people.

For more info email about DWELL email Alan@Frontlinechurchplanting.com

DWELL diagram


Utilize our free videos for equipping

Kara Tippetts talks about life and death at MULTIPLY Conference

Unleashing Kingdom Disciples

Becoming Healthy Leaders

The guts of ministry: Fears, Failure and Conflict

Gathering & Scattering

Aligning Vision, Mission and Values

Loving our neighbors

Key Facets of your Leadership

Living with a Missionary Posture

The tomb is empty, the pressure is off