An ecosystem growing around Frontline Church Planting

For years Frontline functioned as a mobile refuge for church planters. We borrowed space from Vanguard Church and others for training mission-minded leaders through events like our annual MULTIPLY Conference. Our beautiful new space, 719 Commons, has truly catalyzed our impact and put us in proximity with more leaders. We have had over 20 groups utilize the space for training, a church plant worshipping weekly in the space and over 400 leaders attend an event in the space already! This is a ministry hub for training, retreats and leadership development, but it is also an event center open to the public. Event rental fees go back into the ministry to feed church planting as an economic driver!


A new gathering

For several years we have dreamed of launching a spring gathering to discuss the changing tides of culture and ministry. We gathered 65 culture-shifting leaders in our city in April to hear from these leaders, discuss changing tides and discern clear paths forward. We held this in 719 Commons and dove deep into how we can continue to proclaim and embody the message of Jesus in an increasingly post-Christian context. Rich relationships and partnerships have blossomed from this day we spent together including future global missions connections through Vision Trust International. We anticipate making this an annual event.

How are our church planters doing? 

We are currently coaching six church planters or neighborhood champions and leading three through the year-long consultancy. One of our church plants is thriving in Southern Colorado Springs, traditionally a very hard place for plant a church, and they are in process of moving into their new building that will function somewhat like 719 Commons does. One of our church plants will be transitioning into more of a network of developed leaders in the coming year to make room to cultivate more disciples and leaders. One neighborhood champion continues to build robust partnerships with the local school and has a near open invitation to influence the students and bless the teachers in this under-resourced school.

God has provided a beautiful partnership with World Poverty Solutions that has paved the path for us to dream bigger and turn dreams into reality faster. Not only did they partner in the launch of 719 Commons, but they have connected us with church planters and neighborhood champions who are hungry for the equipping and coaching we already provide. This has been a fruitful partnership, and we continue to realize we cannot fulfill this massive vision to birth a movement of multiplying churches without kingdom-minded partners.

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