We think it’s crucial for church planters and mission-hearted leaders to find a tribe of others who are in their corner. Church planting can be lonely and hard, but you don’t have to do it alone. Stay tuned for our next roundtable, meet up or prayer walk. These are not events to compare and posture, but a spaces to listen, encourage and pray for one another. You can bring up to two folks with you.


Each year leaders converge in Colorado Springs for connection, content and discussion. This is quickly becoming the “high water mark” event for Colorado pastors and leaders. We just finished MULTIPLY, but we looks forward to hosting this again here in Colorado Springs on October 20th, 2017. We have a PreGathering the evening of October 19th.


One of our favorite parts of MULTIPLY is what we call “The Paradigm Sessions” where leaders have only 5 minutes to share the biggest paradigm shift they have experienced in the last five years. This is meaty every year, so we’ve chosen to kick off the conference with this.

Stephanie Augustine “From Going to Staying”

Josh Imhoff “From poverty to sustainability”

Bryan Barley “From transient to rooted”

Dave Runyon “From ‘little c’ church to ‘BIG C” Church”