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DWELL started out of necessity. Planters were asking us whether they should leave the context they had been called and move to Colorado Springs for our residency…and then move back to their context. Of course, we knew that extracting missionaries from their context wasn’t an option.

We started to dream about an online venue where a small group of church planters would learn together, share their experiences have an opportunity to receive church planting coaching. This would allow planters to “dwell well” in their context in preparation for planting. Out of this dreaming we launched a pilot group of DWELL Online Learning Track.

It didn’t take long to see it was working. The guys were experiencing genuine community where they would encourage, challenge and critique one another. Daniel Jergensen, a planter in Durango, CO, said this about his experience in DWELL this year; “The DWELL information and conversations were giving language to exactly what we were experiencing. DWELL has allowed us to define our progress, evaluate our strategy and stay on the right track. DWELL is the church planting rudder.”

We will launch as many DWELL pods as we need to in order to have no more than 4 planters per pod. DWELL is designed for current or future planters who are currently experiencing ministry and want to grow. The time commitment (6 hours a month) and the financial commitment ($100-$150 a month sliding scale) are intentionally minimal. We realize planters and pre-planters are busy and money is scarce.

At Frontline we believe highly in the value of process. Conferences can yield great learning, but long-term process learning has a much higher sticky factor. The content follows the annual Frontline learning schedule, but it also adapts to the needs of planters as they arise.

Here are the details for our next expedition of DWELL…
DURATION: September-July
TIME: 6 hours per month, hangouts scheduled based on availability
COST: $100-$150 per month (sliding scale based on need)
COMMITMENTS: Currently experiencing ministry, attend the MULTIPLY Conference, read one book monthly, connect for online hangout, call one other planter each month

This is an incredible chance to connect, grow and learn with other planters. We are anticipating a great year for DWELL. If you or someone you know are interested please email Alan(at)Frontlinechurchplanting(dot)com

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