3 Lessons from the Trenches in my first 18 months

In May of 2013 my wife and I packed up our Indianapolis apartment after only seven months of marriage and moved across the country for our first church planting experience in rural Northwest Colorado. It has been an incredibly formative, challenging and joyful process. About five months ago I entered […]

DWELL Online Learning Track; Connection, Content & Coaching for Planters

DWELL started out of necessity. Planters were asking us whether they should leave the context they had been called and move to Colorado Springs for our residency…and then move back to their context. Of course, we knew that extracting missionaries from their context wasn’t an option. We started to dream […]

“The Power of Clarity” Will Mancini

We were privileged to have Will Mancini join us for last year’s MULTIPLY Conference. He didn’t talk about the latest model or the something else you need to add to your plate as a leader. He talked about clarity. His words ring true for any church leader; “you are not […]